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Enter The World Of German Kitchens

European Kitchens Made in Germany

The hallmark “MADE IN GERMANY” represents much more than just our roots and our manufacturing base. German Quality is the yardstick and overriding maxim in all areas of production within our company group. State-of-the-art mechanical production and high environmental standards are coupled with skilled craftsmanship to create a highly automated work process. After all, day after day, every kitchen to leave our factories is a bespoke product, the quality of which we guarantee.

Design Without Compromise

Founded by the Baumann family, for more than 100 years, the Bau-for-mat factory has been pleasing its customers with the best quality kitchen furniture all around the world.

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Our kitchens are even more stunning in person. Feel-good ambiance, extreme functionality, and German quality are available for a close-up review.

Book an appointment for a safe and free 1-on-1 consultation with our professional design expert, who will guide you to the kitchen of your dreams.

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  • Customers’ Reviews

    • Dmitrii Zhukov

      Stunning and great quality kitchens and bathrooms. Was very impressed with the overall experience. Very professional and helpful. I am happy with the new kitchen in my house and also the bathroom that they did for us. The quality is great! (This is a German company)

      I really loved that there was no tactics of selling me a product, the sales lady actually listened to my needs and my budget and worked her way around it.

      Absolutely recommend, you will be more than happy!

    • Meisha Kraus

      Our new kitchen is fantastic. It complements our contemporary home design and fits well with our cars too. Feels like back home.

    • Kristina Arutyunyan

      The quality is amazing!

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