5 Reasons to Invest in European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets have been a top choice for many households around the globe. They give kitchens a sleek, contemporary look that complements a modern theme effortlessly. One of the most distinct characteristics of European-style cabinets includes frameless cabinetry options that boast exquisite taste and style.

It’s no wonder that many people are gravitating to this cabinetry style. This frameless design has made European-style kitchen cabinets very desirable for custom homes and modern kitchen renovations. Some of the notable characteristics of European cabinetry are affordability, durability, aesthetic value and ease of use. Having a kitchen with this modern cabinetry style can increase the value of your home, thanks to its unique look that attracts potential buyers.

All about European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinetry is distinguished by clean lines and an elegant appeal. The frameless nature embodies modern aesthetics and is one of the most prominent features. Without frames, cabinets, doors, and drawers use maximum space and offer great storage.

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Simple to Use

Aside from being highly appealing, one of the selling points of European kitchen cabinetry is that they are simple to use. Because they do not consist of rails and stiles like American cabinet designs, European cabinets are a favoured choice.

Rails and stiles can be cumbersome parts that hinder access to the interior parts of cabinets. Modern families tend to search for ways to make their homes more convenient, making European kitchen cabinets a top choice given their ease of use.

Modern/Contemporary Kitchen Design

European kitchens are most incorporated in modern and contemporary kitchens. This means that there is a wide spectrum of options when it comes to the colours and materials used for European kitchen cabinets. Whether you want bold cabinets or a more subtle colour, you can be sure that you will be spoiled for choice.

Uses a Durable Form of Laminate

A common misconception about European kitchen-style cabinets is that they do not stand the test of time. This is false. European kitchens are a great choice because they have a timeless look that can remain appealing over time. One of the highly popular materials in European kitchens is laminate which has evolved over the years to become a highly durable material. Laminate is lightweight and is available in so many designs.

Sleek Hardware

European kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a clean, modern look. It introduces a level of luxury to your kitchen without a hefty price tag. The simplicity of the hardware is often what draws many homeowners to this choice.

Features Frameless Construction

The absence of frames on the front of the cabinet in this design makes all the doors and drawers flat. Another option that is available to you is to have handleless cabinets which add even more of a modern element to your cabinets.

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Modern homes call for designs that infuse an air of sophistication but are still simple to use and affordable. And that’s exactly what European-style cabinets offer. There’s no doubt that this cabinet style will be here for a long time. Bauformat is the name you need to know in modern kitchen cabinetry. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable and can help you choose the right cabinets for your home.

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