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Bauformat Beginnings

Founded by the Baumann family, for more than 100 years, the Bauformat factory has been pleasing its customers with the best quality kitchen furniture
. Bauformat company began its ascent from small workshops where 4 Baumann brothers worked: 3 of them were carpenters, and 1 – was a merchant.

After decades of successful development, the family factory now has more than 1000 employees, 33,000 m2 of production space, and nearly 300 million euros of turnover per year.

Today, Bauformat has a high-tech production with the most modern equipment and a well-coordinated team of specialists. As a result, the products of the factory are widely represented in different countries and always keep pace with the times. In 2014 Bauformat started the rapid growth in the United States with the introduction of our exclusive high-end BauLux collection featuring luxurious and exceptional front finishes and accessories.


Bauformat Production

With over 650 kitchens manufactured every day, our company can produce your project within 1 day! We’re committed to the highest quality of work. Our state-of-the-art facilities and production processes ensure your dream kitchen is made fast, with minimal waste for a green future!



With an eye for efficiency, we quickly produce a full quotation where cutting costs has always been our goal. We will make sure that you get every point covered by the most qualified designers and production experts so your project gets off to its best start possible!


The design phase is a very important part of the process, which we take seriously. Our 3D graphics are created in-house and used to show off your project before you even start building!

Every project begins with communication between team members: architects, suppliers, and customers; all of which are essential for creating this innovative building process together.


We are all about technology. We have invested 42 million in the last 5 years in our production department. From creating new products and processes to investing in people who can turn anything into a kitchen – our team of experts is constantly innovating!


Successful businesses require a seamless combination of people and technology to stay competitive. Our logistics services are designed with your business needs in mind, helping you meet both deadlines and requirements on time every day.

Project Management:

Bauformat is committed to providing our customers with a service that leaves them 100% satisfied. If you need assistance at your project site, one of our representatives will be happy to help!

Furniture Made in Germany

German-made products are recognized for their quality and reliability all over the world. Now, furniture made in Germany can be verified by a “Furniture Made In” seal of approval that proves it came nowhere but here!


Golden M

The Golden M from the German Furniture Quality Assurance Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V., or DGM) is considered to be one of, if not the most stringent proof for quality furniture in Europe and it’s only RAL label devoted exclusively towards kitchens! Our company goes through regular inspection by an independent expert so you can trust us with your kitchen needs as we guarantee healthy home living which will provide a key into all things well-designed.

Emission Class and CARB2

Our materials are especially low in emission. Our products meet the US requirements of CARB2 and TSCA Title VI, which are even stricter than those in Europe!

Climate-Neutral Business

Keeping the environment intact is an important goal for future generations, and we are here to preserve that.
A major part of this preservation includes our contribution in reducing carbon emissions which protect against climate change by lowering temperatures on earth through solar energy or other natural means.

Blue Angel

Our furniture carries the Blue Angel label because it is made from environmentally friendly, sustainable wood. The materials are produced and processed with low emissions so you can rest easy knowing your home’s air quality won’t suffer in spite of its design!

Climate-Positive Company

The Baumann Group has offset its carbon footprint in cooperation with Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG to reduce the environmental impact on Earth by 2020, 2021, and 2022 through purchasing 40 thousand certificates (1 certificate equals 1 tonne CO2). By doing so we have been able not only cut down our own operational costs but also to make up for all emissions produced since 2000 without any external input!


Our company group is committed to the environment and maintains PEFC certification. The raw materials for our kitchen and bathroom furniture only come from sustainably managed forests, which makes us an industry leader in green design!


The Recycling Kontor is a company that helps the environment by recycling packaging materials. They channel our shipping packagings into Germany’s Dual System for waste management, with what we throw away being recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

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