Are German Kitchens Worth The Hype?

Like so many other consumer goods like cars or tools, Germans also reign supreme when it comes to kitchen design. Renowned for their high-quality design, reliability, and functionality, German kitchens are known throughout the renovation industry as one of the best choices for many homeowners. 

Not only for homes but for commercial businesses including restaurants and bars as well, German kitchen design is a preferred choice for millions of clients around the world.  Of course, this premium quality comes at a price, but are designer German kitchens worth it? The renovation team at Bauformat has put together a compilation of reasons why they are worth the investment.

What Are German Kitchens? 

The best German kitchens are world-renowned not just for their aesthetics, but also for their quality. They are classified as kitchens that are streamlined and modern when it comes to their overall design.

People also love German-made kitchens for their ergonomic thoughtfulness and the extreme attention to detail that engineers and manufacturers put into every corner and surface. If you love design features that are functional and make your kitchen a dream to prepare food in, then German made kitchens are the right choice for you.

World Renowned German Manufacturing 

There is something special about a product that’s “made in Germany.” Throughout history, Germans have been known for their thoughtful and highly-skilled manufacturing processes. Any type of engineering for any product, whether it’s an automobile or full kitchen design, you are assured the best results.  German-made kitchens only use the highest quality of materials that are expertly engineered, assembled, and installed — all with incredible attention to detail. Everything about the design is about cleverly maximizing storage space, ensuring the homeowner has an ergonomic experience and that all surfaces are solid and built to last. 

Forget flat-pack furniture. With German kitchens everything is built and assembled simultaneously, meaning you get furniture with a long life and high-quality construction. Investing in a German kitchen means you are experiencing the highest amount of quality control possible, as every item is closely inspected before it’s shipped to its final destination.

German Kitchens Are All About Custom Fit 

All German kitchens are fully-customized which makes them the perfect investment for any kind of renovation you’re thinking about doing on your home. A German kitchen means you have complete control and customization options that can help you create the perfect culinary experience for whoever is using the kitchen. 

Buying designer German kitchens means there is never any compromise. You choose the material, colour, function, and it will be made to order. It’s also guaranteed to last a long time.  The keystone of German kitchen engineering is that their design experts do everything possible to maximize storage and cooking spaces. Their kitchen storage ideas are incredible and sure to impress you.

German Kitchens Never Sacrifice Style Options 

Even with the German kitchen’s commitment to a modern aesthetic, that doesn’t mean you can’t impart your unique sense of style to the design. With its clean lines and designer features, German kitchens come with a massive range of textures and colours that can be implemented into the overall construction, making German kitchen companies more competitive than ever on the global scene.

Whether you’re trying to design an ultra-modern, urban kitchen or something for your cottage or cabin, there is always going to be a perfect German-made kitchen design that you can take advantage of.

German Kitchens Stand the Test of Time

Aside from magnificent engineering feats, German kitchens are seriously built to last, stacked up against the highest tests of quality and durability that the industry has to offer. You can be sure that your German kitchen will last for decades. 

Fun fact: Many German homes are not even sold with a kitchen. That’s because German people are obsessed with their kitchen culture and having everything made exactly to their desired specifications. People will even take their kitchens with them when they move. That’s how you know kitchens in Germany are superior and resilient to all others.

Germany’s Best Kitchen Brands: Better Together

With German kitchen brands dominating the industry, the top German kitchen companies are located very close to each other. Many of the country’s top kitchen-related companies are located in Hanover, also known as the “Metropolis of Kitchens.” 

Because all of the top players are in the same place, it’s very easy for people to conduct research and invest in development. Therefore, the manufacturing process and design flow have been refined over the years to become as efficient as possible.

German Kitchen Brands Possess Knowledge and Experience

Some of the most trusted German kitchen brands have been around for decades and have a history of excellence to back up their stainless steel reputations. Some of these businesses are still family-owned, so it means you get to work with a trusted and experienced group of engineers and designers.

As the home to some of the world’s most experienced german kitchen manufacturers on the planet, it’s safe to say that they’re far ahead of the competition and have choices for your kitchen renovation.

Get Your German Kitchen 

Between their modern design and precision manufacturing processes, it’s clear that German kitchens are number one in the world. For over 100 years, homeowners around the world have been investing in German kitchens because they provide high-quality kitchens. 

So again, we come to the question: are German kitchens worth it? The team at Bauformat believes they are. If you’re thinking of investing in a new kitchen, you might as well go with a German kitchen which is sure to look beautiful, last forever, and give you the highest rate of return on your home if you decide to sell your home in the future. 

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