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Bauformat Canada: The Future of Kitchen Cabinetry

If you’re wondering how we’re different from any other cabinetry specialist in Canada, we’re here to tell you exactly what separates us from your run-of-the-mill bathroom furniture experts. For one, we’re the only cabinetry and bathroom design company of our kind in the area. We use European design aesthetics and methods, which means our products are made with a specific intent: visual cohesion, user functionality, and environmentally geared materials. However, that’s not what makes us so truly unique.

We’re Different Because:

We Work With Our Customers, Choosing The Best Products and Materials For Their Purposes.

Bauformat Canada’s teams incorporate new trends and work with customers to help match them to the best possible products. We take into account your needs, helping you select the best possible cabinets for your storage purposes, home space, family orientation, and more. We’ll help you select your cabinet locations, finishes, materials, and types to best optimize your space. If you want something we don’t offer, we’ll try to custom-tailor it to your specifications.

We Use Only Environmentally Friendly Materials.

Our customers don’t believe that environmentally friendly materials and kitchen and bathroom design don’t mix. The truth of the matter is the exact opposite! The newest trends incorporate natural materials, growing gardens, plant life, and environmentally friendly fixtures and appliances to reduce your carbon footprint and maximize your energy savings.

We Offer The Most Modern European Designs, Right Here in Toronto and The Area.

Are you looking for modern, European-style kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Toronto? We offer contemporary, German-made kitchens and bathrooms, manufactured in Europe. Our luxury kitchen and bathroom products are already a huge hit overseas, so why not hop on the trend early and get yours right now, while we’re taking the Canadian market by storm!

We Can Help You Save Space, Gain Storage, and Make Your Kitchen and Bath Look Great.

Create the clean, body look you desire and still have enough storage and countertop space with our contemporary, smart-storage solutions for bath and kitchen. We understand the importance of managing your areas, which is why we focus on modern solutions for a busy home. Talk to us today about our push-top open cabinets, revolving inlays, bathroom cabinets, and European compact design of kitchen and bath cabinetry. We aim to make you as comfortable as possible! Allow us to enhance the value and design of your home with our luxury German cabinets today.

Visit Bauformat Canada, which is located at 322 King St East, or call us at 416-366-3888. We’re always here and always look forward to answering your questions about contemporary European designs and products. Browse through our online catalogs and website to learn more about our product lines and what varieties we offer, and contact us today for a design consultation and free estimate!

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