Best Tips for Designing a Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is the heart of the home so when you’re designing a kitchen layout, it’s important to ensure that everything is perfect. The best kitchen designs should make cooking, eating, and entertaining easier than ever before. Here’s a quick and essential guide providing kitchen layout ideas.

Provide ample walking space all around

Ensure there’s enough space separating your island from the cabinetry. Kitchen pathways should be designed at 36 inches wide, but a full 42 inches if you’re designing a walkway through the cooking zone of a one-cook kitchen. Make that 48 inches if it’s a two-cook kitchen.

Plan for the triangle

The triangle represents the three primary work areas of your kitchen including the stove, the sink and the fridge. This makes your kitchen more efficient. Each side of the triangle is at least four feet and no more than nine feet. The triangle’s perimeter should be no more than 26 feet and at least 13 feet.

Stay clear of corners

For your kitchen cabinet plan, give thought to the corners. Think about how much space you’ll need to open each door and how it might affect the day-to-day use of your kitchen. Avoid putting appliances in corners and consider low-profile handles for your cabinetry.

Find the right height for the microwave

For adults, microwaves should be installed 15 inches above the countertop. If your kids use the microwave, a lower, under-counter setup can make it safer for them to use the appliance.

Determine the island’s function

Plan the island’s size based on what you’ll use it for, whether that’s eating or cooking or both. For even more space-saving opportunities, think about adding a sink or dishwasher as part of your island’s design.

Plan landing space near appliances

Add at least 15 inches of counter space on either side of a cooktop or fridge to set down food items. You’ll also want to leave landing space for smaller appliances including coffee makers and toasters.

Think about countertops

Design your countertop based on whether you regularly prepare large meals or small meals. The best place for this food prep area is usually between your sink and cooktop. If you have kids, you could add a second, lower countertop so they can help you make meals.

Plan for kitchen appliances ahead of time

Picking your appliances is an important step early in the kitchen renovation process because your cabinetry, countertops, and island design are most likely based on building around your desired range, dishwasher, refrigerator, and more.

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Think about storage

Organize your cooking tools and pantry items once and for all. Add shelves on the walls at a good height for quick and easy access to your most regularly used ingredients or tools.

Make compost and recycling easy

Plan for waste sorting including recycling and composting. Rollout garbage and recycling cabinets are very popular with homeowners these days, allowing for easy cleanup.

Consider electrical outlets

Add electrical outlets, especially in areas where you use smaller appliances such as a blender, coffee maker or toaster. You could also have an electrical outlet and USB ports installed within a drawer to create a device charging station.

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