Bauformat Canada: The Future of Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

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If you’re wondering how we’re different from any other cabinetry specialist in Canada, we’re here to tell you exactly what separates us from your run-of the mill bathroom furniture experts. For one, we’re the only cabinetry and bathroom design company of our kind in the area. We use European design aesthetics and methods, which means our products are made with a specific intent: visual cohesion, user functionality and environmentally geared materials. However, that’s not what makes us so truly unique. Continue reading “Bauformat Canada: The Future of Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry”

German Kitchen Design

What is German Kitchen design? First and foremost, German kitchens are modern. If you are looking for a precise, custom tailored, large and space oriented kitchen, you are looking in the right spot. Like many German brands, German kitchen design has today become synonymous with sleek, quality design and precision in all aspects of the planning, design, implementation and outcome. BauFormat Canada is a company which offers high quality, modern German kitchen designs for Canadian customers. With options which you will not find anywhere else, our company creates the most beautiful, spacious interiors which are simply a pleasure to be in.

Bauformat offers the highest quality kitchens. Our material and product selection can easily compete in terms of quality, design and price, when compared to German brands such as Siematic, Leicht, Bulthaup, Poggenpohl and Eggersman.

We create custom kitchens for any customer’s needs. Here’s what we can do for you:

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Contemporary Kitchen Design

You may be wondering what makes a kitchen design modern. When looking at kitchen design ideas, there are several aspects to keep in mind while browsing. Modern trends can be difficult to implement without first carefully considering your kitchen layout and design. Storage space, places for decoration and counter space are all incredibly important aspects you need to thin about when planning your kitchen renovation. Ultimately, your goal is to combine function and style when creating a kitchen. In this regard, contemporary kitchen design is your best bet to hit all your goals. BauFormat is a company which specializes in modern, European kitchen design meant to fulfill all your layout needs. Here is what our team of talented design professionals an offer you: Continue reading “Contemporary Kitchen Design”

European Kitchen Design

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BauFormat Canada is a company that specializes in European kitchen design. European kitchen design continues to make waves in Canada, with many homeowners using European influences to outfit their homes. Space, materials and trends which resonate in Europe are now making a breakthrough in Canada. Some of the most common designs and aesthetics are now sought out throughout the country. Some of the key ideas in European Design are the types of aesthetic it can create. Visual cohesion through the use of many materials, natural materials and environmentally geared kitchen appliances, as well as clean, sleek looks, characterize this branch of design. BauFormat creates these kinds of designs and helps homeowners use European influence to create unique, beautiful designs. Some of the other facets of European designs which are now often seen in Canada are: Continue reading “European Kitchen Design”