5 Reasons to Invest in European Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets have been a top choice for many households around the globe. They give kitchens a sleek, contemporary look that complements a modern theme effortlessly. One of the most distinct characteristics of European-style cabinets includes frameless cabinetry options that boast exquisite taste and style.

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How to Upgrade Your German Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to upgrade the look of your German kitchen cabinets? There may be a way to do it without totally replacing everything. This will save you lots of money and create the illusion of brand new kitchen cabinets. The German kitchen design experts at Bauformat have compiled this list of DIY tips and […]

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Are German Kitchens Worth The Hype?

Like so many other consumer goods like cars or tools, Germans also reign supreme when it comes to kitchen design. Renowned for their high-quality design, reliability, and functionality, German kitchens are known throughout the renovation industry as one of the best choices for many homeowners. 

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6 Essential German Kitchen Design Brands

If you’re in the market for a kitchen renovation that’s on top of today’s most popular trends, you should consider the German style. Modern German kitchen design is all about sleek mines, the latest technology, and maximum efficiency. Do you want premium finishes and an upscale vibe in your kitchen? Bauformat’s design team has put […]

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Bauformat Canada: The Future of Kitchen Cabinetry

German style kitchen by bauformat canada

If you’re wondering how we’re different from any other cabinetry specialist in Canada, we’re here to tell you exactly what separates us from your run-of-the-mill bathroom furniture experts. For one, we’re the only cabinetry and bathroom design company of our kind in the area. We use European design aesthetics and methods, which means our products […]

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German Kitchen Design

What is a German Kitchen design? First and foremost, German kitchens are modern. If you are looking for a precise, custom-tailored, large, and space-oriented kitchen, you are looking in the right spot. Like many German brands, German kitchen design has today become synonymous with sleek, quality design and precision in all aspects of the planning, […]

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Contemporary Kitchen Design

You may be wondering what makes a kitchen design modern. When looking at kitchen design ideas, there are several aspects to keep in mind while browsing. Modern trends can be difficult to implement without first carefully considering your kitchen layout and design. Storage space, places for decoration and counter space are all incredibly important aspects […]

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European Kitchen Design

Quality modern kitchens

BauFormat Canada is a company that specializes in European kitchen design. European kitchen design continues to make waves in Canada, with many homeowners using European influences to outfit their homes. Space, materials, and trends which resonate in Europe are now making a breakthrough in Canada. Some of the most common designs and aesthetics are now […]

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