European Kitchen Design vs. American Kitchen Design: Which is the Better?

Are you considering a kitchen renovation? It’s one of the best investments you can make when it comes to home renovations. And while you’re considering cabinetry, colours, layouts and appliances, you should also consider the overall design philosophy. For many homeowners, when it comes to functionality and aesthetics, it boils down to deciding between American kitchen designs and European kitchen designs. In this blog, we’ll break down some of the benefits of having a European kitchen design vs. American kitchen design.

European vs. American Kitchen 

European kitchens are renowned for their commitment to modern aesthetics, sleek lines, and handle-free cabinets. This type of design is about celebrating the cooking space and maximizing functionality for the ultimate cooking experience. 

American-style kitchens are typically known as open-concept kitchens, characterized by opulent interior design elements and unique features. Many American-style kitchen homeowners prefer to incorporate the kitchen into the main living space, creating the ultimate environment to cook and entertain guests any day of the week.

Italian kitchen design

European Kitchen Style Advantages

A European kitchen style goes well with any modern kitchen motif that maximizes space and increases functionality. A European kitchen is best-suited for couples, singles or small families who prefer small kitchens that save a great deal of space.

Advantages of the European kitchen style includes:

– Minimalist decor but a sophisticated look and very functional

– Frameless cabinetry is very durable and saves you space

American Kitchen Style Advantages

American kitchen styles have a number of benefits for most homeowners.

These include: 

– Premium accessories and thoughtful lighting choices

– Suitable for personalization and modifications that can work with any variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns to ensure you get the most multi-functional space possible 

– Cozy and stylish American kitchens fuse functionality and modernism 

– Tend to be roomier and saves more space than German kitchens

European and American Kitchen Comparisons

Size and Dimension

American kitchens typically combine the kitchen and living room for an open-concept look, while European-style kitchens were traditionally designed for smaller, narrower house interiors. 


American kitchen cabinets are framed and can make the room feel cluttered, but they also have a more stunning visual appeal. Meanwhile, European-style kitchen cabinets are frameless and sleek, making the overall look of your kitchen appear lighter and more simple.


American-style kitchen windows are known for their durability. Most homeowners with this style will dress them with window screens. Meanwhile, European-style kitchen owners will use shutters to increase airflow and circulation. Both are contemporary in design and you can’t go wrong with either choice.


The American-style kitchen is often overloaded with large appliances like a food processor, blender, microwave, and coffee grinder. However, European-style kitchens truly embrace the concept of minimalist decor and simplistic functionality. That’s because the traditional European mindset is to prepare food by hand.

Energy Efficiency 

In European kitchen design, appliances are better at conserving energy than their American counterparts. It’s important to upgrade your appliances as this can save you on your grocery bills and utility bills all year long.

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