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European Kitchen Design

BauFormat Canada is a company that specializes in European kitchen design. European kitchen design continues to make waves in Canada, with many homeowners using European influences to outfit their homes. Space, materials and trends which resonate in Europe are now making a breakthrough in Canada. Some of the most common designs and aesthetics are now sought out throughout the country. Some of the key ideas in European Design are the types of aesthetic it can create. Visual cohesion through the use of many materials, natural materials and environmentally geared kitchen appliances, as well as clean, sleek looks, characterize this branch of design. BauFormat creates these kinds of designs and helps homeowners use European influence to create unique, beautiful designs. Some of the other facets of European designs which are now often seen in Canada are:

Quality modern kitchens

Mixed Materials

 While Canadian homes generally outfit kitchen interiors with a single material, European design uses a variety of materials to create an interesting, cohesive whole. Steer away from marble or granite countertops and wooden cabinetry and incorporate materials such as glass, porcelain and even leather in your kitchen design. Stone edges, wood and leather coverings, glass inlays and material structures can be used in a variety of means to create a sense of texture, interest and personalized taste that is not often seen in conventional Canadian homes.

Environmentally Friendly Design

 You can easily combine environmentally friendly designs with kitchen aesthetics. A new trend in kitchen designs is bringing nature back to the kitchen and including growing stations for culturing herbs and produce, as well as natural composting systems over the more commonly used green-bins and sink drainage. Environmentally friendly appliances are similarly and an excellent means to reduce your carbon footprint and maximize your energy savings.

Innovative Space

 Smart use of space and innovative means of creating storage spots to get that clean, sleek look. Food preparation may be the primary use of a kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be the focal point of your home. Finding alternative storage methods and movable components, or hiding appliances with slide up counters or panels can transform your kitchen from a cluttered mess into a sleek, functional area. European manufacturers specialize in small space solutions, but larger kitchen areas can benefit as well from the sleek and modern aesthetic that certain smart storage and appliance solutions offer. Use European innovation to create functional, modern kitchens which don’t have to seem like kitchens at all.

Modern Solutions

 The most important aspect of your home is the functional space you have to use. Modern European cabinetry and appliances are meant to combine form and function and create modern solutions to age-old problems such as where to hide plates and cutlery, and how best to conceal unsightly, cluttering equipment. BauFormat has European cabinetry, counters, panels, and appliances for any use, featuring products which both enhance the functionality of your kitchen and raise the value of your home.

Your kitchen Design

  Your kitchen is one of the most important portions of your home and necessitates careful planning and design. As you spend so much time in the room, it’s important to take into account the function of the space and how best to orient the design so that it’s not only better but more comfortable. BauFormat is a company specializing in European kitchen design, offering full planning and design services as well as installation. We aim to work with our customers to create an interior which is not only comfortable, but beautiful by using smart, high-quality European products and brands. In this way, we can enhance the value and function of your home.

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