Top German Kitchen Design Trends

One of the luxury modern kitchen designs that never disappoints and is known for its brilliance and spectacular appeal is a German kitchen design. There’s something about these modern kitchen designs that leave their competition in the dust. Germany is known for creating some of the industry’s most captivating kitchen designs, with many German kitchen designers commended for setting trends while the rest of the world follows.

The Living Kitchen

Life in urban areas is often detached from the natural world. In recent years, there has been a growing effort to create more green spaces in urban areas so city dwellers can connect more with their natural environment. Incorporating nature into your kitchen is an excellent way to take this concept and advance it further.

Consider adding planter units in your kitchen to plant some greenery in your kitchen. Think about having your own herb garden so you have access to fresh herbs whenever you need them.

Brass Elements

Adding a touch of brass to a kitchen design gives it just the right amount of character. It’s all about the fine details when it comes to alluring German kitchen designs, and the brass accent gives a hint of sophistication that takes any design to a whole new level.

The contrast between the deep tones and a hint of brass warms the entire space and elevates your kitchen’s visual offering without overwhelming your design.

Have Fun with Colour

There’s nothing quite like a splash of colour to add vibrancy to your kitchen design. And German kitchen designs do this perfectly. Some of the trendy colours include Fjord Blue, Mineral Green and Rust Red. Not only are these colours bursting with character, they are just the eye-candy every kitchen needs.

Don’t be afraid to explore colour schemes. Mixing warm and neutral matte tones are classic and still on trend. You can never go wrong with these. If you are a little more conservative about colours and don’t want to colour your entire kitchen with a bold colour, consider using that colour as an accent.

German Design Approach

German design focuses on attention to detail and how space is utilized. This means the approach not only considers creating a unique and vibrant space, but carefully considers how the space should be filled. Knowing when to add more or when to pull back is truly an art that German kitchen designers have mastered.

Not only should a kitchen be visually appealing, it should be efficient and practical as well. It should have enough space for ease of movement and be designed in a way to accommodate working space and social activity.

Better Storage

Innovation has allowed kitchens to be designed in ways that use cutting-edge technology that creates better storage systems and more functional spaces.

Year after year, more improved storage systems are being brought to the market by expert designers who continue to find ways to creatively create more storage opportunities in kitchen spaces.

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